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In 2020 we were able to contribute $45,000 to the Scranton Library. Last year, and during the two years of building and remodeling our Library, the Friends were in a temporary location. Because you found us, our seven book sales netted over $22,000, all of which has been pledged to assist our Library this year, 2021. A check for $15,000 was given in January and the second installment of $7,000 will be given in July.  

These are important numbers because each year the Library must generate approximately 15% of its operating budget. The Friends donation is critical to keep our library operating. 

We can make these kind of contributions because of your support. Your membership shows that you value the Friends and our Scranton Library.

YOUR SUPPORT is SLF’s lifeline


Become Involved: If you love books, love our town, have an interest in becoming involved with some of the nicest people you will ever meet and have a few hours to spare, please call Joyce Rourke at: 203-421-0624. 

SLF wants volunteers and cashiers for our book sales. In our new “digs” we have office space and book sorting space and a designated computer for member information. Near our office and the Café are our Honor System shelves, featuring books, CDs, and DVDs for sale year round – another volunteer opportunity. We have big plans for fun events within our library. This is the perfect time to volunteer! SLF can make excellent use of those few spare hours. Join as we settle into Madison’s new Scranton Library building.

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