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In 1971, the Friends of Scranton Library was formed and in 2015, they became incorporated as a 501(C) 3, with non-profit status. Ever since, we have been busy helping the Scranton Memorial Library by augmenting the budget, buying books and provide services. We have planned and implemented events:  the Parade of Pooches, Galleries in Motion, One Book – One Town, a huge number of children’s programs, the occasional Pop-Up book sale and principally, an Annual Book Sale. We have provided refreshments for Trivia Nights and Sunday afternoon musical programs. We are a source of financial support for the Library. Often you might find Friends reshelving returned books and CDs.  

The first expansion project at the Scranton Memorial Library was the construction of the Children’s Library and beneath it, the Community Room. The fledgling Friends group was actively raising funds. In 1989, when the new wing was built on the east side of the building, the Friends worked to make up a shortfall, raising the funds to replace the broken and dysfunctional circulation desk, an item that had been cut, by necessity, from the budget.  At about the same time, the Friends funded the purchase of: a new glass display case, a PA system, a projector, racks for storing chairs used at events, carpet, books and the new circulation desk only replaced during the most recent expansion and remodeling completed in 2020. 

Soon after, the Friends became a dues-for-membership organization. Twenty-eight years ago, individual membership was only $5, and family membership was $8; senior was $3 and corporate was $25. Over 400 Madison residents joined in 1990-91. Dues have not kept up with inflation and are still a bargain! Individual membership is just $15, family is $35, friend is $50 and best friend is $100. 


• 1900 – Scranton Memorial Library was built, and opened July 1st. 

• 1900 – Town of Madison contributed $100 annually for expenses, increasing gradually over a century to 85% of the Library’s budget in 2020.

• 1965 – 1st library expansion: construction of the children’s library & beneath it, the community room. A fledgling Friends group worked as volunteers at the Library.

• 1971 – Friends of the Scranton Library  (FOSL) was formed “to foster public support for the Library that it may serve adequately the needs of our town.”

• 1989 – 2nd library expansion: the major east wing. The Friends worked to secure a town grant, raise two-thirds of the building costs & fund the new circulation desk. 

• 1990 – The Friends became a dues-for-membership organization & funded a new glass display case, a PA system, a projector, racks for storing chairs used at events & carpet. 

• 1999 to 2017 – Annual Book Sales were begun, held in the Library, Academy School & later, the American Legion Hall.

• 2015 – The Friends incorporated as a 501(c)(3) organization & became the Scranton Library Friends (SLF). 

• 2016 – The Friends funded the proposed Library Café and a display cabinet in the history room. 

• 2018 – Prior to the move to temporary quarters, the Friends final book sale was held within the Library. 

• 2018 – In October and during remodeling and construction, the Library & the Friends moved to temporary quarters.

• 2019 to 2020 – While at the temporary location, seven small but successful book sales were held.

• 2019 – The Scranton Library Friends (SLF) received the “The Group Award” from the Friends of Connecticut Libraries.

• 2019 – Ground was broken for our new Library.

• 2020 – The Friends office and book receiving were moved to our new and remodeled Library.

• 2020 – COVID-19 arrived & limited all activities including the Library open hours. Book donations had to be quarantined.

• 2021 

We’re excited about the good news for the Friends & our Library. Because of the generosity of Mike Johnson, The Madison Foundation & one anonymous donor, the Friends have purchased a durable 20′ x 30′ tent with heat and lights. This tent has been installed on the brick patio just north of the driveway, and is a perfect venue for our book sales and outside events as well as Library programs & celebrations. 

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